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Unlimited Possibilities!  BoCar Hat Bands can be worn on any style Woman's or Man's hat including All Straws, Gambler, Safari, Straw Fedoras, Felt,  Fedoras, Straw Boater Hats, Stetsons, Panama, Wide Brim, Narrow Brim, Tall or Short Crowns, Visors, Baseball hats, Derbies, Knits and more. They are 100% safe and can be changed in seconds.


Classic Design! Our hat bands don't look like any other standard hat band you might get with a new hat you just bought. Our Classic Design  makes old hats look new again, and new hats look like one of a kind classics. Our Sliding Adjuster Design not only makes the band 100% more functional than any other hat band, It's also 100% more attractive/handsome. BoCar Bands are adjustable from approximately 21 inches to 28 inches in length.

They also come in 4 width sizes as shown at left (approximately 1 inch, 1 1/2  inch, 2 inch, and 2 1/4 inch) which adapt nicely to different hat styles with short, medium, high and tapered crowns.  

Our concept is changing the way hat wearers think about their hats. With new styles being released each month, we really mean it when we say Unlimited Possibilities.

Always stylish. Always convenient. Always affordable. Always there for you no matter what outfit you're wearing today. It's destined to be your new favorite hat accessory!

    Solid Color Hat Bands are very popular because you can match your hat band to other atire. Whether you're on the golf course, at a party or special event, you can change your hat band in less than a minute and walaah, your hat looks like it was made to match what you're wearing that day. We offer several colors which you can see in the Solid Color Category. Click Solid Colors in the Product List.

Baseball Beige Band GoDaddy Home PageSports Bands We have several different Sports band options that can be customized to any specific area. Click Sports Bands in the Product List.

  Show Your Patriotic Side  with one of our patriotic bands. Great on holidays or when ever you feel like reminding others what it's like to be an American. Click Patriotic in the Product List.



Halloween We have several Halloween bands for men, women and children. Some examples are: Blood Donors Needed with bats flying, Forget the Ghosts Beware of me, Happy Haunting, Love Being Witchy, I'm Possessed, Scaredy Cat with black cats and many more. Click Holidays in the Category list.

Other Holidays See our Holiday Section for more samples including popular holidays like Christmas, Easter, St Patricks Day, Valentines Day, New Years, Birthdays and more.  Click Holidays in the Product List.

Auto Racing is a very popular category. We offer bands with driver names and car numbers as well as popular sayings like I Love Speed and fast cars, NASCAR Racing Fan, and many more. Click Auto Racing in the Product List.

 Golf is also another very popular category. We offer bands with Golfer Names, Golf Course Names, Foursome or team names, Famous golf sayings and more. Click Sports in the Product List.

 We offer popular Tourist Destinations, that reflect famous or popular places anywhere in the world. For example, I Love Siesta Key (Love can be represented with a heart shape as shown in the sample at left, I Love New York, Myrtle Beach Golf, I Hiked the Canadian Rockies and many more. You can make up your own famous places based on where you live, work, where you've been or where you're going. The possibilities are endless.


Special Occasions. Pass the word when you have a special occasion.


 New hat bands can bring old hats back to life. These two oldies were reborn simply by adding a couple of new hat bands.


  If you have something to say, say it on a custom hat  band designed just for you. Let everyone know how proud you are about certain things. They can be family oriented or of national interest. As long as it's not offensive in any way, we will make them for you.


THE POSSIBILITIES ARE UNLIMITED Just take a moment to think about your geographical area, sporting events, special attractions, etc. No matter how small or big your idea is, we can make up hat bands to meet your exact specifications. If you are just a small group of people who would like a special hat made up for your group, we can meet your requirements to a tee. For example, a Golfing Foursome or Team, a Group that Fishes Together, a Little League Team, a Condominium Association. As we said earlier, the  possibilities are Limitless. 

Just imagine how a simple color change can make a favorite hat look like it was made for the outfit you're wearing today. Don't forget, you can choose colors of the hat band, adjuster webbing and band height to further customize your bands. There isn't space here to illustrate all the possibilities. Just use your imagination and you'll come up with just the right combination to make you stand out in a crowd,  and get noticed.


All Hat
Bands are flat single panel bands without pleats.
You can always give us custom specifications.







Q. How long have you been manufacturing hat bands shown in this website?

A. We began making hat bands early in 2010. Since then we have developed a high quality band that looks great and is easy to use.
Q. Will your hat bands fit any size hat?

A. Our hat bands are adjustable from approximately 21 inches to 28 inches. We believe they will fit 99% of hats available in the marketplace.
Q. How does a person adjust the band length?

A. Instructions are included with every shipment. There are two ways to adjust the band length. You can make one end permanent and adjust the other. Most people prefer to adjust both ends thereby keeping a uniform length on each end. See the maroon and white band at upper left for an example. The white webbing is adjusted evenly on each end.
Q. How is the band actually secured to a hat?

A. We provide velcro buttons with adhesive on one side that keeps the webbing in place after adjusting. We also provide additional velcro buttons that can be used if necessary, to secure the band to your hat. This is only necessary if your hat crown is severely angled from it's base to it's top. Instructions  show you how to stretch the band if necessary.

Q. How many colors do you offer?

A. We have nine standard colors in stock which you can see at the bottom of our home page. More are being added monthly so check back periodically.

Q. Can I get a custom color that is not one of your standard colors?

A. Yes. We can deliver hat bands in any color you wish (providing our supplier has your color. It just takes a few more days to process your order. We will also be adding new colors to our standard list from time to time so check back frequently.

Q. If I send you pictures via email, can you use them to print images on your hat bands?

A. Yes. We accept jpeg, png and gif images. Use our "CUSTOMIZE A BAND FROM SCRATCH" TO PLACE A CUSTOM ORDER.

Q. Can I get a discounted price if  I order multiple quantities?

A. Yes, of course. Discount prices start after a quantity of 10 or more.


Q. On hat bands that require imprinting, how is the imprinting done?

A. That depends on the type of hat band you are purchasing. If it is a standard stock item  the imprinting will usually be screen printed. If the hat band is a custom band and your quantity is  less than 10, the imprinting will usually be done using a heat press.

Q. I am interested in adding your products to my line which I offer to various store owners. What kind of packaging do you use and how is the product displayed in stores?

A. Go to our  Contact us  Page and fill out the form to begin a dialog between you and Classic Hat Bands. Be sure to leave a telephone number if you wish to be contacted by phone.
Q. I sell other products at home parties and I am considering adding your products to my line. Can we work together?

A. Home parties are a great way to introduce our Interchangeable hat bands. Go to our  Contact us  Page and fill out the form to begin a dialog between you and Classic Hat Bands. Be sure to leave a telephone number if you wish to be contacted by phone.
Q. As a RESELLER, will I get a starter package that I can use at presentations?

A. Yes. We have starter packages which include starter hats, hat bands, maniquens and literature you can
pass out to potential customers. Go to our  Contact us  Page and fill out the form to begin a dialog between you and Classic Hat Bands. Be sure to leave a telephone number if you wish to be contacted by phone.

Q. How does your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee work?

A. If you are not 100% satisfied with any of our Standard Products (in stock items), we will refund your complete purchase price minus any original shipping and handling charges. No questions asked. You must return the product within 15 days of receipt in it's original unused condition and include all packaging items originally received. You are responsible for all return shipping charges. Custom made hat bands are not included in this guarantee.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. BoCar offers a 30-Day refund period on all products. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, contact BoCar Bands within 30 days of the date of purchase for refund or exchange. Consumer agrees to arrange shipping of product back to BoCar. To return a product, please first contact us to arrange for approval. Please include the date of original purchase, order number, and items being returned.

1. All returned product must be in original condition without signs of use or mis-use. If any hat bands or other materials are returned to us in other than original condition, without original packaging, they are not considered resellable and WILL NOT be eligible for a refund.

2. All returns are subject to prior approval of BoCar.

3. Items returned without approval of BoCar may not be eligible for exchange.

BoCar products ordered through a local Representative must be returned to the original point of purchase.


Q. How do I return/exchange a product?

A. Please keep the following in mind for refunds and exchanges:

1.  All items must be returned in original condition and in the original packaging. If any of our products are returned to us in other than original condition, they are not considered resellable and WILL NOT be eligible for a refund.

2.   BoCar does not cover return shipping costs. These will need to be paid for by you the purchaser.

3.   Refund and exchange requests outside of the 30-day purchase window will not be honored. Please see our  Returns & Exchange Policy for more information. Refunds/Exchanges must be handled at the original point of purchase.

Q. Where is my nearest BoCar Representative.

A. A Representative list will be added to this web site in the near future.


Q. How long does shipping take?

A. In stock items will be shipped same day if the order is received before 11 AM eastern standard time. Otherwise they will be shipped the next day.  Custom orders are usually shipped between 2 to 10 days depending on several factors. Call or email for shipping time. Actual shipping time from BoCar usually takes about 2-7 business days, depending on where you are in the United States. We ship all orders from Sarasota, Florida. Orders for standard in stock items are shipped within 24-48 business hours after they are placed, excluding weekends and holidays. For example, an order placed on a Thursday will be shipped Friday but an order placed on Friday will not be shipped until Monday. Custom orders are usually shipped within 5 to 7 working days (not including Saturday, Sunday and holidays). You will be notified via email if shipping will exceed
our normal shipping times. Also keep in mind that we ship via ground and packages will not be delivered on Saturday or Sunday, so please plan accordingly if you need to receive your product within a certain time frame. We will email you your tracking number as soon as your order ships out. If you do not receive a shipping
notification please contact us for the status of your order.

Q. What are the dimensions of a BoCar hat band?

A. Every hat band is manufactured at a specific size unless you request a custom order with a custom size. A standard BoCar hat band from end to end is approximately 28 inches in length. Length includes the fabric from which the band is made, plus the webbing used to adjust the band length. Standard bands can be adjusted from
approximately 21 inches up to approximately 28 inches.

Standard BoCar hat bands can be ordered in four band widths. Approximately 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch, 2 inch and 2 1/4 inch. 1 inch bands are designed for hats with a short hat crown and tapered hat crowns like fedora. 1 1/2 inch bands are recommended for medium size hat crowns. The 2 inch hat bands work great on hats like gambler and safari. 2 1/4 inch width bands are great for hats with extra high hat crowns. All of our hat bands can be adapted to womens and mens hats.

All  hat bands are SINGLE PANEL BANDS unless you specify otherwise.

Custom band size orders (not one of our standard sizes) require a minimum order quantity of 50 hat bands. Imprinting of hat bands for less than a quantity of 50 is done by using a heat press.
Q. What are BoCar Hat Bands made of?

A. The hat band material used is a stretch material which helps the band adhere to the hat. The webbing used to adjust the band length to fit virtually any hat is made from lightweight polypropylene. Our classic slide adjusters are polished metal. Each band is individually packaged with instructions on how to use, and care for the band. Stabilizing velcro buttons are also included in each package.

Product and Care Section.

We are constantly designing new band styles which are released monthly. We will send emails to announce new arrivals to all customers and resellers unless you opt out of this program.

Wash and dry instructions.

If absolutely necessary, hat bands can be hand washed in cold water using a color safe detergent (no bleach). Before you begin the wash process, remove the velcro dots and set them aside. Do not scrub with a brush or cleaning pad. Rinse with cold water. Lay wet band on a dry towel with printed side up. Flatten out with your hands and allow to dry completely. Replace the Velcro dots. If hat band requires ironing, do not replace velcro dots until after ironing (see below) has been completed.

Ironing instructions.

If the hat band is still wrinkled after drying, it may be ironed as follows. Lay an old tee shirt or pillowcase on your ironing board. Place the hat band on the tee shirt or pillowcase with printed side down. Remove all water from the iron. Use a dry iron without steam. Set it to the Polyester setting. Lift the tee shirt or pillowcase
that is hanging over the ironing board and place it over the hat band. Iron with a delicate touch checking after each pass to see if wrinkles are gone. Repeat as necessary. Never iron directly on the imprinted area, or hat band webbing. A hot iron could remove or smear the imprinting, or cause damage to the adjustable webbing.



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